[HOWTO] Bike racks for your trunk and hitch

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Let’s talk about the 2 most common of the 4 bike carrier model types: the trunk rack and the hitch rack.

For this ~100 euro investment, you should take the time to compare and choose the most solid and reliable model.

So how do you install a bike rack on the trunk or hitch?

The first suggestion is to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. But don’t worry if you’ve lost the user’s manual… there are plenty of tutorials out there.

Bike racks for the tailgate or trunk

You can transport up to 3 bikes. It attaches with straps. To mount it according to the rules, watch this tutorial. Several times, if needed…

Note: Check first that the top of your car’s trunk isn’t just a simple plastic cover. These are not compatible for attaching a bike rack.

Bike racks for the hitch

As long as you have a ball hitch, this type of bike rack is easy to mount. It supports more weight than a trunk rack: it can transport up to 4 bikes. Just note that the maximum in Belgium is 3. It’s compact and stows away in the trunk. All of the mounting steps can be found in this tutorial.

What should you consider?

You must comply with current regulations regarding total width, total load, height and visibility (lights, reflectors and registration number must remain visible).

4 final tips for transporting your bikes

To drive in complete peace of mind with your bikes, don’t forget to:

  1. Get a bike rack that’s compatible with your trailer, if you’re using this type of vehicle;
  2. Choose a model that adapts to different types and weights: children’s bikes, electric, etc.;
  3. Fasten the bike clip securely to the vehicle and secure the bikes: take a test ride before you leave;
  4. Consider putting locks on your bikes so that they don’t get stolen on your rest stops.

Have a great car – and bike – trip!

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Photo : warrenski sur Flickr

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