Our answers to your most frequently asked questions

Usitoo is a co-operative for sharing low usage items (less than 10 times/year) via an online catalogue. The goal is to return to an economy of functionality by prioritizing use over possession and therefore adopting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption model.

Usitoo comes from the English words “Use it, too!” Use it too, putting the spotlight back on use and sharing over possession.

We’ll be with you soon. 😉 We’re gradually extending the service to all of Belgium. But please reach out to us if you want Usitoo near you! We’ll keep your details in our database and will contact you when the time comes. And if you know of any potential locations for a Usi-handover point, let us know through our form.

Thanks to our exchange system (more informations here), 90% of our items available for borrowing are secondhand. They’re of course checked by us before being added to the catalogue to ensure that they’re in good condition and work as expected.

Of course! You can become a user simply by subscribing to a subscription. The flat rate that you pay is converted into points that allow you to borrow the items that you want. More info here.

Around the corner! Check out our map. We have partnerships with shops, co-working spaces and communal cafes for even more access.
We even give users the opportunity to open one themselves.

No, USI points never die…

They belong to you, so you can offer them to whoever you want, whenever you want. You’re free to create exchanges and offer assistance among the site’s users.

The idea is that you can sell some items to refill your account.

No. Unfortunately, that’s not possible so please be reasonable! 🙂

In no way can points be reimbursed in Euros. The only alternative is to transfer them to another Usitoo user.

No. Points only have value on the Usitoo site and only for borrowing items.

Usitoo is one step ahead of you: for these kinds of items, you can come pick them up at our main hand-off point at 102, rue de Birmingham in Anderlecht on the day and at the time of your choosing. At the same time, we’re not miracle workers, so home delivery is a paid service. Contact us if you’d like to arrange a specific delivery.

It’s asked that you return items in the same state in which you received them. So, yes, clean. :-).

You can cancel an in-progress order up to one week prior to receiving it by going to “My Account” and then “Reservations.” Once this period of time has passed, we can no longer guarantee the cancellation of your order for logistical reasons.

You won’t be able to order online if you want same-day delivery to a Usi-handover point.
But if you come to our main hand-off point at 102, rue de Birmingham in Anderlecht, you can pick-up your items directly (Monday to Friday, 9-6pm and on Saturdays by appointment only). If you order an item with next-day delivery to a Usi-handover point, we suggest you do so before 3pm. Otherwise, we’re not able to guarantee that you’ll get your delivery on time.

Donate them to us (if you’re feeling generous) or resell them (if you want to become a Usitoo member). In the latter case, we’ll buy them from you in Usi points for up to 70% of their market value via this link.

By filling out the form at this link. If you have fewer than 10 items, feel free to bring them to our warehouse in Anderlecht at 102, rue de Birmingham (which will give you the chance to meet us and grab a cub of coffee 🙂 ). If you’re in spring cleaning mode and want to give us more than 10 items, we’ll come pick them up. Get your neighbors to join in and sell all your items together!

Sure, no problem! But the person who created the account is responsible for the actions of their friends/neighbors/colleagues.

No. While we’re grateful for your contribution to our co-operative, legal reasons require you to subscribe (once) to a special 20-Euro prepaid card to use your points.