What is Usitoo ?

A cooperative company 

Created in March 2018, Usitoo wants to be part of the dynamics of the functional economy, ‘zero useless objects’ as well as the collaborative economy.

That’s why Usitoo is an approved scrl, open to anyone who wants to become a cooperator.

Our statutes are transparent and provide for a fair re-distribution of what we will generate together.

Already aware of environmental issues, I have naturally joined this project that has human dimensions. The sharing economy for me is sustainable and responsible. I met people at Usitoo who share the same values”.

Ioanna V., 45 years old.

A valuable network of hand-overs

What distinguishes Usitoo from a ’library’ of objects ? In particular, our network of Usi-handovers, whose values and vision are aligned with ours.
And vice versa.

The objects booked online are thus delivered and retrieved close to our User Community.

Our optimized delivery model to our network of Usi-handovers generates significantly less CO2 emissions than individual journeys made without our service. In addition, it helps to relieve traffic congestion in city centres. 

Two pioneering founders, an involved team

nettoyeur vapeur

Frédéric Chomé

Co-founder, CFO, Business developer

There is no problem, only solutions. 

Xavier Marichal 

Co-founder, CTO

Multi-purpose, jack of all trades 

guitare electrique

Sahid Nouri


Peter Frampton of Usitoo 


Ann Brants


Friends and family first

appareil à raclette

Robin Leroux

IT developer

A gourmet set, friends around, “life is good”

sac à dos randonnée

Nathalie Degouy

Sales and community manager

Always ready for a great discovery

Support and recognition by our partners  

The innovative Usitoo model is supported and recognised by many partners in Brussels, Belgium and Europe

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